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Sustainable Farming from Ramona

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Sustainable Farming

from Ramona

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Our Mission

To provide locally grown specialty organic mushrooms. We believe in sustainable farming by using recyclable material in the production of our product. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality mushrooms to promote a healthy way of life.

Lions Mane Mushrooms

tender and chewy with a mild, sweet, seafood flavor reminiscent of scallops, lobster, or crab

Golden Oyster Mushrooms

Golden Oyster Mushrooms

have a distinct nutty flavor, many compare the taste to cashews and almonds

Chestnut Mushrooms

lovers of this mushroom are drawn to its earthy and nutty taste

Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Pink Oyster Mushrooms

meaty and chewy in texture, despite their thin flesh, and have a pungent, seafood-like aroma

Blue Oyster Mushrooms

slightly chewy in texture and are soft with a bittersweet aroma reminiscent of anise

Grow Kits

Mushroom Grow Kit

grow your own mushrooms at home

Organic Mushrooms

sustainable farming at it’s best

What My Customers Say

YUM! Tried these Elm Oyster mushrooms for the first time from Indian Iron Farms and they were absolutely delicious. Very rich in flavor, especially when cooked in butter and garlic. I’m all about texture, and the Elm Oysters had a nice chewiness that resembled eating lobster. Would go great in a vegetarian dish thanks to its great texture. Looking forward to trying more!

Anthony Phan

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